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IB Approaches To Learning

"'Approaches to Learning' skills are an integral part of an IB education complementing the learner profile, knowledge, conceptual understanding, and inquiry.

These skills are grounded in the belief that learning how to learn is fundamental to a student’s education. Five categories of interrelated skills aim to support students of all ages to become self-regulated learners who know how to ask good questions, set effective goals and pursue their aspirations with the determination to achieve them. These skills also help to support students’ sense of agency, encouraging them to see learning as an active and dynamic process." (IBO 2017).

The five Approaches to Learning skill categories are:  thinking, research, communication, social, and self management skills.  Having a firm grasp of these skills allows students to become self-regulated learners who can learn pro-actively, being in charge of their learning.

Each 'Approach to Learning' has multiple sub-skills associated with it:

communication Skills

Research Skills